Thursday, April 29, 2010


Cecilia Bartoli - Vivaldi: Guistino - Sventurata Navicella
Autechre - Silverside
Björk - Venus as a Boy
Glenn Gould - Bach: Italian Concerto BWV 971 - 2. Andante
The Parley of Instruments - Monteverdi: Iste Confessor Domini Sacratus
Hi-brid - Daniel in a Forest
Kronos Quartet - Body: Long-Ge
Rolf Lislevand - Ricerata prima
Orbital - The Box
Michael Nyman - Miranda
Mark Bradshaw - Keats: Ode to a Nightingale

1 comment:

  1. i adore this comp! think i'll have another listen!! b is causing quite a stir of poetry, some of it ranty and full of pretense, others sentimental and self-involved but it's hard to describe something i've waited so long to find, i'm nearly 40!! eek...

    bird of paradise

    i dare not say it,
    have i found him?
    he, or love...

    ancient one,
    co-inspirator ~
    speaker of secrets,
    unutterable magical names

    you reveal yourself
    in humble and vast revolutions
    deepening soul's treasure and plight,
    buried until the tide of brief eternities smuggled you unto my pirate eyes...

    you are a wonder to behold,
    a shocking virtuous beauty,
    breath and heat can not render this,
    in the sacred space where there is not word or concept of "pure"...

    you have shown me my innocence.

    agn 2.30.10