Saturday, March 20, 2010

John Mitchell's Folly, Eureka Springs, AR

Uncharacteristically, I'm going to provide a little context for this one. John Mitchell's Folly is an antique store/art gallery housed in a skinny, tall Second Empire townhouse off the proverbial beaten path, far up in the hills of the Ozarks. Mr Mitchell specializes in early Ozark Primitive painting, such as Ernest "By Golly" Schilling. Almost everything in the store is priceless, battered, and inspires in me a mixture of wonder and terror.

I hope that this mix does justice to spooky eclecticism of this national treasure of a junk store. The above picture of the storefront is borrowed, but below are some of my wife's pictures of Mr. Mitchell's stock.

1. Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey - Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing (Extraction 4)
2. Scott Joplin - A Real Slow Drag
3. The Bassies - River Jordan
4. Zez Confrey - Kinda Careless
5. Björk - Öll Birtan
6. JS Bach - Viola de Gamba Sonata #1, BWV 1027, III. Andante
7. Philip Glass - Women in White
8. Wagner - Tannhäuser, Dich, teure Halle
9. Aphex Twin - Icct Hedral (Philip Glass Orchestration)
10. Duke Ellington - Shout 'em, Aunt Tillie
11. Javier Navarrete - A Book of Blood
12. The Tiger Lillies - The Struwwelpeter Overture
13. Salut de la veille des O let les 7 O suivant le romain
14. Edith Piaf - Correqu' et Reguyer
15. WC Handy - Farewell Blues
16. Marlene Dietrich - Assez
17. Frank Sinatra - You Forgot All the Words

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